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Plant Lovers Gift Guide for Christmas 2021

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

The ultimate guide to figuring out what to get that special Plant Lover in your life, even if that person, is you.

Christmas is coming in less than a month, and just like everyone else I find it a bit stressful finding gifts, and knowing what to get people! Well, as an Indoor Plant Consultant, I can't speak to all gifts out there, but I can speak for gifts that will take your indoor plant game to the next level. If you are a pro with plants, or even if you are new and don't know where to start, I've created a guide of some of my favorite plant items that are must haves for any plant parent.

Each of these items I personally and professionally use, and recommend to my clients. I'll share with you why I love the items, how I use them, and a link for you to buy it!

So, don't wait! Check out the items you and your plant family and friends need to make all of your indoor jungles come alive.

Here are some quick links if there are specific products you want to check:


Potting Tool Kit

Now, at first glance, this may seem tiny, but I assure you there is more than meets the eye, here. When you click the link, Amazon will tell you it's a succulent tool kit. However, I use it to pot every plant in my home AND maintain them. At one time or another, I have used every piece in this set. Every time I pot, I use the lime green scoop to get out all my soil mediums from their bags so I can mix them. I use the 3 different shovels to get my plants out of their old pots. I use the mini brown shovel to add dirt to those small in-between places, and I use the duster to clean off the leaves when I'm done repotting. I could go on and on, but each little tool has helped me at one time or another and I get this kit out EVERY TIME I pot a plant! What I love the best, is it rolls right up and velcro shut for easy storage!

Potting Mat

Even if you aren't interested in the Potting Tool Kit (which is crazy, because of course you are), here is another potting MUST HAVE. A potting mat has saved me from the extreme messes I always make while potting. This product is basically a giant sheet of plastic that snaps in the corners to make a little personal potting station. When you are done, just grab all four corners, and dump out any excess soil! How genius is that? Pretty jealous I didn't think of it, to be honest. Once you've cleaned it up, it just folds right back up into a small square for easy storage. The link below is a bigger version, but if you search Amazon, you can find lots of different sizes. I keep a 24" x 24" for smaller projects, and this 39" x 39" one for bigger ones.

Living Plants

What plant lover doesn't want to receive ACTUAL plants?! Well, if you want to get them some greenery, but don't know where to look, here are some ideas:

  1. Shop local. If you have a plant store in town and want to support your local small businesses, head over to the one nearest to you! In my experience, the owners love to share their love of plants with you and can help you choose a plant that is right for you or a loved one.

  2. Shop big business. If you want a great deal on some plants, head to your local Lowe's or Home Depot and they almost always have plants in store to buy! Keep in mind though, while shopping at these mega stores, if you need help or advice, it can sometimes be harder to find. ALSO, it's quite possible the plants have been neglected for a period of time and may need some extra TLC before gifting it away. (I would personally check for pests, any broken foliage, or blackened stems which can be a sign of root rot). Don't let this warning stop you though, you can really find some really great deals at these types of locations!

  3. Shop online! Yes, believe it or not, you can buy plants online. There are so many great cyber plant businesses with plants for every beginner all the way to expert and rare plant lovers. I personally love because their website is so user friendly. If you are looking for a specific type of plant, something low maintenance, or pet friendly, they have it all sorted out for you! Added bonus, their shipping is FREE! Another one I really love is for all of their helpful hints and tips and their thoughtful packaging.

Leaf Wellness Spray

This spray is a combination of all of the best things your plant could ever want or need. Believe it or not, our plant's foliage needs to be cleaned and kept dust free so that the leaves are free to photosynthesize. This will lead to happier and healthier plants. This spray is an amazing product for the job! It has ingredients like Neem Oil (which is a pest deterrent), Castile soap for cleaning, silica for cell strengthening, and peppermint oil for an amazing smell! To use it, you spray the tops and bottoms of the leaves, and can either let it air dry (out of the sun) or, use a microfiber cloth to wipe and shine the leaves (the technique I personally prefer). So, not only will you be cleaning your plant, but you will be keeping pests away, AND making your home smell great!

Set of 3 Pots Plant Stands

Listen, you can get your pots wherever you want and in whatever size and color you want; I just need to shout out this set of three pots I really love. These are about $100 which can seem steep, but let me tell you, a lot of pots out there are as expensive, if not more, especially for three of them in these sizes! The pots are 8.5", 10.63" (random), and 12.2" in diameter which covers most of your larger plants. I like the style, they also come in black, and what I love most is they are LIGHT! Most larger pots can be SO heavy. These have been so easy to move and carry around!

Moisture Meter

Not sure when to water your plants? Well, get this moisture meter and it will help you decide. Most plants like to be watered less often than we think. In fact, the majority of them (there are exceptions) like to dry out about halfway down their soil. For smaller pots feel free to lift the pot, and if it's light, it's usually time to water. However, with some larger plants, they are heavy and hard to lift. This is where the meter comes in handy. Just stick it down into the soil and see how deep it is before it says "dry". If it's dry at least halfway down the pot, it's time to water. I also enjoy this particular meter, because it has multiple settings and can check the pH of the soil and the light your plant is receiving, as well.

Plant Mister

The majority of our houseplants love to live in higher levels of humidity. With heat during the winter, and A/C in the summer, our homes usually are considered dry for our tropical plants. Misting them is a nice way to help increase the humidity for your plant collection, and I think you will find it therapeutic for yourself as well! I love this particular brand because it produces a very fine mist, but has great output. There is also something so gratifying about the continuous mist. Rather than a short burst when you pull the trigger, this will spray continuously for about two to three seconds before you need to pull the trigger again.

Written by Rachelle Ford of Wild Alocasia

Photos by Rachelle Ford

If you have any questions about any of these products, feel free to email

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Dec 09, 2021

As a plant enthusiast, I have cared for a variety of plants over the years. I have to say, Rachelle knows her stuff! During our consultation, she suggested moving plants to locations better suited to their lighting needs, left me with an instructive pruning and watering schedule, and explained the importance of an occasional dusting and wax shine. Now my plant babies look beautiful again! To brown thumbs and green thumbs alike, her expertise is priceless! ~ SL

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