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Terrarium Class

1-1.5 hours

Come express your creative side by hosting an hour or so long class that will teach you how to build a plant terrarium.

Your choice includes a self-sustaining closed terrarium that you can build, set it and forget it, or an open-air terrarium that you can minimally and therapeutically tend to. 

All materials to build the terrarium will be supplied and customizable.

Customizable materials include items such as: vessels, decorative rocks, driftwood, moss, two terrarium plants of your choosing, and so much more!

*Cancellation before 48 hrs of class start time will be given a refund. Within 48 hrs of class start time, no refund will be granted. Please contact me with any questions. 

*Travel fees apply. First 30 miles are free. 

Terrarium Class: List
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