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The Wild Alocasia Indoor Plant Caravan

Bringing a World of Green to Your Doorstep: Discover the Convenience of our Mobile Plant Trailer!

At the WA Plant Caravan, we are passionate about bringing the beauty and benefits of houseplants into your life. We travel to various craft fairs and shows from Spring to Fall, offering a wide selection of houseplants and plant accessories for all plant enthusiasts.

With our carefully curated collection of indoor plants, we strive to provide something for everyone, whether you are a seasoned plant lover or just starting your green journey. We believe that plants not only add a touch of nature to your living space but also contribute to your overall well-being by purifying the air and creating a calming atmosphere.

In addition to our mobile store, we also offer a unique service where we bring the WA Plant Caravan directly to your home. This means you can host an indoor plant class right in your living room! We will bring all the supplies, including a variety of plants, pots, soil, and tools necessary for the class of your choosing. For a list of available classes, choose the “classes” tab above.

After the class, you can shop the Plant Caravan right from the comfort of your own home. This allows you to choose the perfect plants and accessories that suit your style and preferences. We take pride in sourcing unique and high-quality items, ensuring that each plant purchase brings joy and enhances your indoor space.

Whether you're looking to expand your plant collection, or simply enjoy a fun and educational experience with friends, the Wild Alocasia Plant Caravan is here to make it happen. We prioritize your satisfaction and strive to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for plant enthusiasts of all levels.

So, come visit us at one of the craft fairs or shows we attend, or better yet, schedule your own indoor plant class and bring the excitement of our Indoor Plant Caravan directly to your doorstep. We look forward to helping you discover the joy of houseplants and enable you to create an oasis of greenery in your home. Happy planting!

The Plant Caravan: About

Where to Find Us

in 2024

May 5

Fulton St. Farmer's Market

Come see us for the big DEBUT of the Wild Alocasia Indoor Plant Caravan.

We will be at the Fulton St. Farmer's Market on Sunday, May 5 from 10a-3p. Entry is $3 to get in and kids are free. 

Address: 1145 Fulton St. E, Grand Rapids, MI

May 17 4p-8p
May 18 8a-4p

Farmgirl Flea Market

This is a fun two-day event at the Hudsonville Fairgrounds

Address: 5235 Park Avenue, Hudsonville, MI, US

Friday May 17 event hours 4pm-8pm
- Admission is $15 for Friday. Admission does include Saturday re-entry into the market.

Saturday May 18 event hours 8am-4pm
- Admission is $5.00 on Saturday and kids 12 and under are FREE

Click the link to see the event, or head right to to buy tickets

May 25

Zeeland Peddlers' Market

Mark your calendars for the Spring Peddler's Market in downtown Zeeland, MI

You can find us right on Church St in the heart of downtown. This is a free event!

Address: Church St. Zeeland, MI 

June 1

John Ball Zoo

Come see us for a Merchants and Makers event at John Ball Zoo in downtown Grand Rapids, MI. This a free community event located right on the grounds in front of the Zoo itself. We hope to see you there!

Address: 1300 Fulton St. W, Grand Rapids, MI 49504

June 8

Woosah Outdoor Market

Come join us for the first ever summer outdoor markets at Woosah Outside Coffee Co. in Saugatuck/Douglas!

This is a small free event with 10 vendors where you can check out our plants while sipping on some coffee from Outside Coffee Company, then make sure to check out the Woosah store inside!

Address: 450 Center St, Douglas, MI 49406

June 22 

Potting Class at Woosah/Outside Coffee Co.

Want to learn more about potting your plants? Then this is the laid back class for you. For $60 a person, you will attend a two hour class learning about different potting techniques, soil, lighting, and so much more. Enjoy a complimentary drink from Outside Coffee Co. and go home with two new plants in terracotta pots!

Address: 450 Center St. Douglas, MI 49406

June 26

Last Sundays at Bridge St. Market

This is a free event on the last Sunday of every month this summer. We will be at Bridge St. Market in both June and September. So if you miss us in June, don't worry, we will be back!

Address: 405 Seward Ave NW, Grand Rapids, MI

The Plant Caravan: Schedule

Brands We Work With

Holwerda Growers

A family owned wholesale plant provider local to West Michigan. They are also open for retail!

Dutch Touch Growers

A wholesale, family owned, plant provider local to West Michigan

Opel Growers

Our wholesale RARE plant provider local to West Michigan

Twisted Acres FL

Our provider of air plant varieties and seashells, hand picked straight from Fort Myers, FL

The Plant Bar - Plant Co.

Woman owned, handmade, and organic provider of Leaf Wellness (to shine up your leaves) and Dead AF (on the spot treatment for pests)

Plant Scouts

Women owned company providing plant-inspired gifts and decor

Rosy Soil

An eco-friendly organic soil company that provides all-natural soil free from synthetic additives and harmful ingredients. They believe that the joy of gardening shouldn't come at the expense of earth.

Modernized Pottery

An independent, black, woman, and veteran owned design studio providing eco-friendly, organic, and handmade planters

Happy Happy Houseplant

Woman owned plant company providing us with houseplant fertilizer that is "gentle enough to use every time you water, and potent enough that your houseplants will absolutely thrive!"

The Plant Caravan: Projects
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