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Consulting Services


In Person Consultation

This is for the plant people who live in West Michigan. Whether you want plants, or already have an established collection, we will begin by taking a tour of your plants and/or space and discussing your goals for each. Along the tour, I will give tips and tricks to help your plants thrive or suggest plants that would compliment your space. After your consultation, I will make you a personalized Plant Care Cheat Sheet of all of the things we talked about that day.


Virtual Consultation

If the distance is too far, but you still want some personalized plant help, this is the route for you. We can meet via Zoom, FaceTime, text, email, etc. We will discuss each plant and area you have/want them in, and I will provide insight as we go. After the consultation, you will receive a personalized Plant Care Cheat Sheet detailing plants that can be added and ways to improve the life of your currently owned plants.



Every year or so, our plants can grow out of their pots and need to be repotted. I can either teach you my methods of repotting and/or "potting up" (depending on the time of year), or I can come and provide this service for you, so you don't have to deal with the mess and stress.


Plant Overhaul

Want to have more plants, but don't know what to get or where to get them? We can start with an in person or virtual consultation to see your space and get an idea of your style, vision, lighting, and more. I will then go out, shop for you, pot for you, and style them in your room(s). This will end with a Personalized Plant Care Cheat Sheet for all of your new plants.
Variable Pricing


Continuing Care

For individuals and businesses needing personalized routine plant care. After an in-person plant consultation, I will come in, evaluate their health each time, water them, mist them, clean the leaves, and more, depending on their needs. 
$20/half hour


Plant Rehab

If you live in West Michigan, are sick of looking at your ailing plant, having no luck bringing it back to health, and are tired of working at it, you can loan it to me to revive. I will come look at the plant and together we can determine if it is worth saving. If so, I will take it home with me and rehab it, hopefully restoring it to it's former glory.
Variable Pricing

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