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Consulting Services

Indoor Plant Classes

Elevate your knowledge and skills through our engaging and informative indoor plant classes. Join us in the comfort of your home and gather a group of friends for an interactive session filled with plant care tips, propagation techniques, and more. Let's learn and grow together! 

Potting 101: $55-75 per person

Kokedama Making: $45 per person

Propagation Techniques: $50 per person

Terrarium Making: $75-100 per person

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Indoor Plant Consulting

Need expert advice on plant selection or struggling with a specific plant-related issue? This dedicated plant consultant is here to help. We offer in-person or virtual consultations to assess your space, troubleshoot plant problems, and provide tailored recommendations to ensure your plants thrive. After the consultation, you will receive a personalized Plant Care Cheat Sheet detailing everything we went over during the visit.
In-Person: $34/half hour
Virtual:$24/half hour

Potting Services

Give your beloved plants a new lease on life with our professional potting services. We'll carefully repot your plants, ensuring proper drainage and optimal growth conditions, so they can continue to flourish in their new homes.
$30/half hour


Plant Diagnostics

If you have plants that are showing signs of distress or simply need some TLC, bring them to us! We will diagnose any issues, offer guidance on plant care, and provide the necessary treatments to nurse them back to health.
Pricing Varies

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