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Air Plant Care Cheat Sheet

Air plants are such a fun and quirky way to add a touch of life to your space. They come in so many shapes, colors, sizes, textures, and are considered low maintenance to care for.

Lighting: This plant appreciates bright indirect/filtered light, but can handle some shade.

Watering: Submerge the whole plant in a bowl of water for up to 10 minutes. If given bright light, they will need to be soaked more frequently, and less light will need less frequent soaking. This is generally around every week to two weeks.

Environment: If your space is drier, they will need to be soaked more often. A humid environment will need less soaking and may even be fine with misting occasionally.

Key notes: When drying them, shake off excess water and let them sit upside down. Also, if a plant has a bloom, keep the flower above water when soaking it. If you've got a "Jellyfish" air plant with a seashell on it, try not to soak the shell. Overtime it will break down with repeated soaking.


This quick cheat sheet is meant to give you tips and tricks for how to best care for your plant. All of the information above is based on my personal experience and advice with houseplants.

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