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Wild Alocasia

Wild Alocasia

Indoor Plant Consulting

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Consulting Services

What is a plant consultation?

Everyone deserves to be surrounded by healthy thriving foliage in their space. If you are looking to add plants to your home or business, or need guidance on your current plant collection, let me help you cultivate a green oasis you will love. 

If you are looking to liven up your spot with new plants, I'll ask questions about your space such as lighting, temperature, aesthetic, lifestyle, etc. to gauge what plants would best fit your requirements. 

If you are a current plant owner looking for advice on your collection, we can examine any issues you may be having, and talk about potting, plant maintenance, pest problems, and tips to help your plants thrive.  

I want to work with you to style your space, offer knowledge, and help cultivate your own personal indoor jungle. 

Philodendron Birkin

In Person Consultation

This is for the plant people who live in West Michigan. Whether you want plants, or already have an established collection, we will begin by taking a tour of your plants and/or space and discussing your goals for each. Along the tour, I will give tips and tricks to help your plants thrive or suggest plants that would compliment your space. After your consultation, I will make you a personalized Plant Care Cheat Sheet of all of the things we talked about that day.

Silver Nerve Plant

Virtual Consultation

If the distance is too far, but you still want some personalized plant help, this is the route for you. We can meet via Zoom, FaceTime, text, email, etc. We will discuss each plant and area you have/want them in, and I will provide insight as we go. After the consultation, you will receive a personalized Plant Care Cheat Sheet detailing plants that can be added and ways to improve the life of your currently owned plants.

Money Tree


Every year or so, our plants can grow out of their pots and need to be repotted. I can either teach you my methods of repotting and/or "potting up" (depending on the time of year), or I can come and provide this service for you, so you don't have to deal with the mess and stress.

Watch Chain Succulent

Plant Overhaul

Want to have more plants, but don't know what to get or where to get them? We can start with an in person or virtual consultation to see your space and get an idea of your style, vision, lighting, and more. I will then go out, shop for you, pot for you, and style them in your room(s). This will end with a Personalized Plant Care Cheat Sheet for all of your new plants.
Variable Pricing

American Rubber Plant

Continuing Care

For individuals and businesses needing personalized routine plant care. After an in-person plant consultation, I will come in, evaluate their health each time, water them, mist them, clean the leaves, and more, depending on their needs. 
$20/half hour

Rattlesnake Calathea

Plant Rehab

If you live in West Michigan, are sick of looking at your ailing plant, having no luck bringing it back to health, and are tired of working at it, you can loan it to me to revive. I will come look at the plant and together we can determine if it is worth saving. If so, I will take it home with me and rehab it, hopefully restoring it to it's former glory.
Variable Pricing

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About Rachelle Ford

The Woman of Wild Alocasia

Rachelle Ford

I am a West Michigan based Indoor Plant Consultant and Stylist. I've spent my last 12 years working as a Surgical Technologist specializing in Cardiac Surgery and Total Joints. While seemingly unrelated, my career in surgery has given me a set of skills that bleed over into my love of plants and their care. My attention to details, memorization of information, and passion for perfectionism have been invaluable in my pursuit of plant knowledge and expert care of all types of indoor plants. Many would call this a Green Thumb, which I have both expertly curated and been blessed with. 

What started as an Instagram account full of plant tips and beautiful pictures has now grown into a business for me. I have established myself as a local consultant and plant stylist to friends and family, along with long distance virtual consultant, and my business is thriving through word of mouth and social media. After all, who doesn't know someone who says, "I love plants, but I kill everything?" I would encourage that a plant-parent is inside everyone, and that proper conditions (light, soil, watering) are the likely culprit to any plant struggles. With my expert eye and extensive indoor plant knowledge, I can create a look for any space, suggesting proper plants and placement, and can equip clients with the proper plant care for a thriving, living utopia. 

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Client Testimonials

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Rachelle is a plant pro who has cheerfully saved the many plants I own from long, slow deaths, because I am a serial killer of plants. She has taught me how to repot my orchids, rescue my plants from pests, recognize over and under watering, how to propagate from a cutting, and how to keep my flowering plants flowering. She's told me all the best places in town to buy plants and pots, and has brought me new, cute plants that are much harder to kill and brought me way cuter pots than what I had before. She does phone consults and house calls, and will shop for you too. She's great!"


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